Town of Milton Launches Planning Initiative for Education Village

Milton Education Village Open House Image Credit: Twitter/ Town of Milton

On January 31, the Town of Milton hosted a community meeting and interactive workshop to gather input from residents about their vision for the Milton Education Village (MEV) lands.

The first 90 minutes was a community open house where members of the public were invited to view boards outlining the proposed project.  It  will be a comprehensively-planned, complete urban neighbourhood, integrating post-secondary education, residential, commercial, employment and recreational uses into a 400-acre site located south of Derry Road, west of Tremaine Road and north of Britannia Road, adjacent to the Niagara Escarpment.

A formal “This is an incredible opportunity to imagine all of the possibilities for this neighbourhood,” said Jill Hogan, Director, Policy Planning and Urban Design. “Think about what this place could look and feel like. Imagine a place you want to live, learn, and linger in. We want to create that place, right here in Milton.”

A presentation followed from Town planners, and consultants.  Participants were then divided into small groups where they were asked to work with a map.  They were guided by a facilitator through a series of questions, and asked to place elements such as commercial areas, roads, and entertainment areas.

“The MEV will be a game-changer for Milton,” said Barb Koopmans, Commissioner of Planning & Development. “Working closely with members of the community to develop a shared vision for Milton’s future is fundamental to creating a successful plan.”

In addition to seeking public input through this community meeting and workshop session, staff continue to conduct ongoing, one-on-one stakeholder interviews, and are planning for a number of future online and in-person engagement opportunities.

MEV will include a 50 acre Wilfrid Laurier University Campus.  The province of Ontario announced $180 million in funding in post-secondary education to be split between Milton, and Brampton.  A final announcement on the campus is expected sometime before the provincial election.

The information boards from the workshops will be displayed at town facilities throughout the month.  You can also view them or through their website.  Members of the public can provide comments via email: