Canadian History Museum Welcomes Visitors to Explore the Middle Ages

Canadian History Museum Welcomes Canadians to dive into the Middle Ages

This summer, delve into the Middle Ages with a new exhibition presented at the Canadian Museum of History. Opening on June 8, Medieval Europe – Power and Splendour features iconic works of art and artifacts from one of the most interesting times in human history.

Covering more than a thousand years — from the fall of Rome, around A.D. 400, until 1500 — this travelling exhibition from the British Museum in London, England, examines a period in which new freedoms were won, town life took root and the map of Europe was transformed. It was also the age of the Crusades, knights, and epic tales of courage and thwarted love — themes that continue to echo down through the centuries to the present day.

“The legacy of the Middle Ages is considerable,” said Jean-Marc Blais, Director General of the Canadian Museum of History. “Visitors will be surprised at some of the medieval ideas that have been handed down to us. Through an exceptional array of emblematic objects and works of art from the British Museum — to say nothing of the loan of manuscripts, artworks and artifacts from Canadian and international cultural institutions — visitors are sure to come away with a new appreciation for this fascinating period in human history.”

Medieval Europe features more than 200 artifacts from the British Museum’s outstanding collections. It explores life during the Middle Ages, including geopolitics, royal power, religion, knighthood, courtly traditions, trade and everyday life.

The last section of the exhibition, developed by the Museum of History, takes a look at the medieval legacy in Canada. Manuscripts, works of art and artifacts provide insight into laws, literature and more. Special programming includes family activities, a gourmet wine tasting and an in‑gallery opportunity to try on reproductions of medieval armour, while learning more about the life of a knight during the Middle Ages.

Offering a compelling glimpse at a period often shrouded in myth and legend, Medieval Europe – Power and Splendour will be presented for the first and only time in North America at the Canadian Museum of History, from June 8, 2018 to January 20, 2019.