Trudeau government launches website to track promises

Credit: CTV News

The Trudeau government has been on office two years.  They were elected on being open, and accessible. In keeping with this commitment, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  announced the launch of

This new website reports publicly on the progress made to deliver real and meaningful results for Canadians. It also gives Canadians a sense of the results they should expect to see.

Using the website, Canadians will be able to track progress for each of the mandate letter commitments and top government-wide priorities, such as fighting climate change, advancing reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, growing our economy, and strengthening the middle class. “We’re working hard every day to the grow the middle class, and deliver real, meaningful results for people across the country,” Trudeau said. 

According to the CBC the government the mandate letters contain 364 commitments.  Of those, only 66 have been fulfilled.  Three are classified as not being pursued.  These include: electoral reform, and the removal of GST from capital investments in affordable rental housing, and a measure providing a 12 month break on employment insurance to companies that hire young workers.

The rest are classified as being underway.  218 are considered “on-track”.  Some including a promise to balance the federal budget by 2019 are considered “underway with challenges.”  Other programs under this heading include the implementation of recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and undertaking an inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women.