Ontario 2018 Election: The Starting Line

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

By: Laura Steiner

The writs have been drawn, and the campaigns have started.  There is a provincial election scheduled for June 7, 2018.   Ontario voters have never faced a more stark choice.

The Liberal vision of a fairer, more caring society appeals to many.  The OHIP+ for children, free tuition, a higher minimum wage, money towards dental benefits feeds an appetite for a better society.  But on what foundation is built on? All of this costs money.  A government that has sold of 60% of Hydro One, and continues to run deficits where the interest is the third highest expense.   Do you trade financial stability for an idealistic future? Do you forgive all the scandals, and money wasting for promises that are 5, maybe 10 years down the road?

There is lot to say about the Progressive Conservatives (PC’s).  They’ve had their well-documented troubles within the party regarding the nominations.  The biggest knock is the apparent lack of a vision.  They unveiled the “People’s guarantee” last November, then ditched the leader in a snap leadership campaign.  The result is an unpredictable, but popular Doug Ford.  Is he enough to pull the party through? Do voters want a change bad enough to accept him for all his flaws?  Will enough of his own members stand by the party and vote for him?

The answer to these questions might actually be the NDP.  There is a fierce appetite for change, and if enough voters are angry with the status quo, the party could win.  The finish line is June 7.  A lot can happen before then.