Hayward Runs for the Green Party

Green Party Candidate Eleanor Hayward Photo credit: Eleanor Hayward/Facebook

By: Laura Steiner

Long-time Milton Resident Eleanor Hayward is running for the Green Party.  Hayward, who goes to McMaster University in Hamilton was set to volunteer for the campaign in Andrea Horwath’s riding.

She shifted when she went to an event for Mike Schreiner in Guelph. “I looked at the Green Party, and all of their platform planks resonated with me on a personal level.”  The platform includes pledges to support green technology-related businesses, and help provide small tax cuts. Hayward has been active in Milton as one of the co-founders of Milton Green Environmental Association, and community volunteer bringing awareness to development-related issues.

The Green Party is led by Mike Schreiner.  They are running candidates in all of Ontario’s 124 ridings.  Learn more on their website.  Eleanor Hayward can be reached on Twitter as @eleanorhaywardGPO

NDP Nominates Brendan Smyth as Candidate

The New Democratic Party (NDP) nominated Brendan Smyth to run in the Milton Riding.  Smyth has been a Milton resident for 10 years, and works as a master electrician.  He is active in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) on their executive as sergeant at arms.

Milton NDP Candidate Brendan Smyth
Photo Credit: Twitter.com/ Brendan Smyth

He picked NDP because of their stances on education, and healthcare “I stand with the students who are approaching post-secondary education with fear and questions regarding how they will afford the schooling required to build a solid career; a livelihood with which to support their families,” he said in an email.  The NDP is proposing to convert provincial loans to grants, and forgive those currently carrying student debt.   For more information visit the party website.   He participated in the construction process on both Milton, and Oakville Hospitals.

You can reach Brendan Smyth on Twitter as @OndpSmyth or on Facebook as: Brendan Smyth.  Learn more about him on his website.