Ward Profile: Ward 2 (Northeast Milton)

The Go Station is one of the landmarks within ward 2

By: Laura Steiner

Boundaries: North: Number 5 Sideroad, South: Derry Rd.  East: 407.  West: Highway 25/Ontario St

Formerly: Parts of ward 2, 4, and 5.   Represented until the boundary realignment by: Arnold Huffman (ward 5), Mike Boughton (ward 2), and Rick Malboeuf (ward 4).

This ward includes… Parts of Main St east of Ontario, Timberlea, Dorset Park, Dempsey, Clarke, and Forest Grove neighbourhoods.  Landmarks include Allendale, Milton Mall, and the Go Station.  It’s also the most populated ward with more than 20,000 residents.


1. Intensification:  It’s the practice of building up instead of out to accommodate community growth. Sections of this ward are prime spots for it.  A development is already underway of stacked townhouses along Ontario St on the east side.  Another is proposed for the edge of the neighbourhood at Ontario and Derry.

2. Allendale: The redevelopment of the Allendale property along Ontario St is part of the Halton Region’s Strategic Plan for 2015-2018.  Workshops were held in 2017 with an early plan of mixed use which would include some housing, as well as trails.  Any development will be phased in over the next 20 years.

3.  Milton Mall:  Few residents know this building even exists, much less realize that it’s a mall.  Shops have been leaving, and so have jobs.  Instead of a busy place, it’s empty and rather hopeless.  Is there a role for the Town to play in encouraging more residents to go there? Could we for example set up a winter market there? Or should the property be redeveloped?

4. Traffic and transit: Transit is an issue town-wide this election.  The Milton Go Station is where it all begins, and ends.  The problems aren’t necessarily in the municipality’s court to fix.  Full-day Go Service is a provincial responsibility.  But the municipal government is in control of municipal transit, and details such as the frequency of buses, how many routes, and where they go.  Matching them up as well, and in this department the Town is starting to look at the use of Uber, Lyft and other services.   Traffic in the area is a problem in the afternoons/ evenings along Thompson Rd near the Go Station for people going home.  Would the use of rideshare services help?

Candidates as of July 29:

Regional Councillor:

Rick Malboeuf:

Aman Singh Hans

Arnold Huffman: website

Falak Shoaib: Website


Town Councillor:

John Challinor: Website/Facebook/Twitter

Giles VanderHolt: Twitter

Michael Vertolli: Website/ Facebook/Twitter

Roy Zwolman:

Sarah Jensen: Facebook/Website

Galen Naidoo-Harris:  Website/ Facebook/ Twitter

Trustee: One trustee will represent two wards for this election.

Halton District School Board: Wards 1& 2:

Donna Danielli (Acclaimed)- No other candidates registered before the deadline to run against Danielli.