Ward Profile: Ward 3 (Southeast Milton)

Ward 3 as of the 2018 municipal election Image Credit: Town of Milton

By: Laura Steiner

Boundaries: North: Derry Road, South- Lower Base Line, East: 407/ Peel Region border, West: Thompson Rd.

Formerly: Parts of: 1, 6 and 7.  Current councillors-  Robert Duvall (Ward 1) John Pollard (Ward 6), and Rick Di Lorenzo (Ward 7).  Regional Councillor- Mike Cluett (Wards 1, 6, and 7).

Includes: A section of Britannia Rd, the “Agerton corridor”, the intersection of Trafalgar and Britannia.


Growth–  This area spans one of the few undeveloped areas in Milton.  How should Milton be built? What should it look like? There are applications winding their way through the process for higher-rise buildings. Making sure schools are there to accommodate growth.

Transit:  The Agerton corridor is located in the northeast part of the ward.  It’s included in the Town’s Secondary plan to be built around a “transit structure.”

Derry Green:  At one point this development said to be as much as two years behind.  Bringing it fully online will be a big milestone for the next council.

Candidates As of July 29:

 Regional Council:

Fasial Elahi

Mike Cluett


Municipal Council:

Rick Di Lorenzo

Usman Kayani

Robert Duvall

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