Keep your gas equipment safe this winter

Preparing and protecting your household for the frigid months ahead could be one of the best ways to keep your family safe.

Although your outdoor natural gas meter is designed to withstand the harsh weather, heavy or hard-packed snow and ice on it can be a safety hazard.

Here are a few tips to keep things running smoothly this winter:

  • Have your furnace and other natural gas equipment inspected by a licensed technician before the cold weather arrives.
  • Never let snow or ice completely cover your meter. Use a broom to sweep snow away from your meter, and always maintain a clear path.
  • Never kick or hit your gas meter or piping in order to free up snow and ice.
  • You should also clear any snow or ice from the external vent for your furnace, fireplace, water heater and clothes dryer.
  • Never shovel, blow or plow snow up against your gas meter equipment.
  • If there’s a fire hydrant near your home, make sure it is clear and accessible in case there is an emergency.

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