How to help kids find a sport they love

Participating in organized sports is a great way for kids to get active and make new friends, but how do you know which activity is right for them? Follow the tips below to make finding a sport they love a little easier.

Take them to a game. Live sporting events are fun. Attend a game together and let them get engrossed in the action. This provides an opportunity for kids to learn about a sport and imagine themselves in the excitement. Whether it is at the professional or amateur level, watching a sport live can peak a kid’s interest and inspire them to take part.

Test out different options. Rather than risk dragging your kids to practices or games they have no interest in for an entire season, an alternative is an introductory program that allows them to try a sport a couple of times without taking on significant fees or a long-term commitment. A great example is The Canadian Tire First Shift, a six-week introduction to hockey for kids six to 10 who have never played before. For only $199, participants receive full head-to-toe Bauer hockey gear and six on-ice sessions.

Get involved. Once enrolled, you can keep kids engaged by getting involved yourself. Travel to out-of-town tournaments when you can, help with fundraising efforts and volunteer when needed. If your children see that you care about the team, they are more likely to be excited and keep playing thanks to your support.