3 simple tricks to make sure you’re never late again

A trait shared by some of the most successful people in the world is good timekeeping. Being late can create a bad impression and hurt you both personally and professionally. Fortunately, if you’re a latecomer you can turn things around with these quick tips.

Plan ahead. There’s no excuse for running around trying to pack a bag or iron your shirt when you should be out the door. Try to organize as much as you can the night before to help you stay on top of your schedule. If it’s other people making you late all the time, there’s nothing wrong with a little white lie. If the train is leaving at 7 p.m., why not tell your friend you will meet her there at 6:45 p.m. so you can wait together and allow some vital cushion time if she’s running behind.

Calculate journey time. Take real-world external factors into consideration when planning your journey time. If you’re taking public transport, check social media or their website for any service suspensions. Or if you’re driving, think about your route and departure time to calculate additional timing for things like road work or rush hour traffic.

Use the right tools. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective, and a watch is a tried and tested way to make sure you’re never late. Many people use their phones to check the time, but with so many apps and other distractions onscreen, one minute you’re quickly checking the clock and the next thing you know your 13 levels deep into Candy Crush. MVMT’s range of fashion forward and practical watches ensure your timekeeping is as on-point as your outfit.