Boil Water Advisory in Milton: Schools will be open on Monday

Town of Milton has launched its back-to-school safety campaign

All elementary and secondary schools will be open on Monday, Dec. 10, 2018, the Halton District School Board has said in a statement.

This week, the Halton Region Health Dept issued a “Boil Water Advisory” for an area of Milton due to a broken water main.

Boil Water Advisory In Effect For Milton

“The Halton District School Board is in contact with the Health Department and the Town of Milton and is receiving regularly updated information.

“If the Boil Water Advisory is still in effect on Monday, bottled water and hand sanitizer will be provided at all schools impacted by this advisory. Students and staff are welcome to bring their own personal bottled water and hand sanitizer/wipes to compliment those supplied by the schools,” according to the statement by Superintendent of Education – Milton Family of Schools.

For further information about the advisory, visit the Halton Region website.