Police lay over 300 charges during Project Rural Impact

During the month of November officers from the District Response Unit assisted by Patrol Officers targeted aggressive drivers in the rural areas of Milton and Halton Hills.

This enforcement initiative occurs each year as it is recognized that speeding and aggressive driving remains a concern for many rural residents.

A total of 351 charges were laid which break down as follows:

  • 205 charges – speeding between 1-15km/h over the limit
  • 58 charges – speeding 16-29km/h over the limit
  • 54 charges – speeding 30-49km/h over the limit
  • 2 charges – speeding construction zone worker present – 1-15km/h over the limit
  • 1 charge – speeding construction zone worker present – 16-29km/h over the limit
  • 2 charges – Speeding construction zone – 16-29 km/h over the limit
  • 1 charge – Speeding construction zone – 30-49 km/h over the limit
  • 1 charge – Speeding Community Safety Zone – 50 plus Km/h over the limit
  • 3 charges – speeding 50 plus km/h over the limit
  • 3 charges – stunt driving
  • 19 charges – disobey stop sign fail to stop
  • 1 charge – fail to stop for school bus
  • 1 charge – interfere with traffic

During the project three drivers were caught speeding 50km/h or higher above the posted limit. These drivers received an automatic license suspension and had their vehicles seized for seven days.

Sgt. Rudall of the District Response Unit said, “I’d like to encourage all drivers to drive according to the road and weather conditions but to be especially mindful of their speed; going too fast limits a drivers ability to safely negotiate unexpected hazards and results in more severe collisions and injuries. Please drive safely as we approach the Holiday Season.”

Project “Rural Impact” aims to focus enforcement in Milton and Halton Hills

Residents of Halton Region are reminded that they are now able to report traffic complaints on line by visiting the Halton Regional Police Service website.