Azim Rizvee Unable to Run in Liberal Nomination

Azim Rizvee is unable to stand as a candidate in the federal Liberal Nomination for Milton Ontario riding Image credit: Azim Rizvee/ Twitter

By: Laura Steiner

2015 Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) candidate Azim Rizvee is unable to run in the party’s nomination contest.

Rizvee alleges that he was first given the green light by the Liberals’ Greenlighting committee, but then asked to withdraw.  “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau personally told me and my wife very aggressively that Adam van Koevereden is his preferred candidate for the Milton riding,” he said. Rizvee lost the 2015 federal election to MP Lisa Raitt by 2,438 votes.

The LPC says the process is entirely up to the membership itself.  “The nomination process is fully in line with all of the Liberal Party of Canada’s national nomination rules,” Senior Director of Communications Braeden Caley told media outlets.

The nomination meeting takes place January 20, at Bishop Reding High School in Milton: 1120  Main St. from 12:30 pm.- 5p.m.   Those who registered with the party prior to December 16, 2018 are eligible to vote.  The federal election is scheduled for October 21, 2019.