Provincial Policy Changes to Enhance Local Decision Making

The Town of Milton is extending its COVID-19 closures until May 29

On Monday February 11,  Milton Council received a report from planning staff highlighting proposed changes to provincial planning policy that would enhance local decision making related to growth and economic development. Council expressed support in-principle for the proposed Growth Plan Amendment 1, which would give more planning powers to local governments and expedite planning processes.

“I commend the province for recognizing the role of local municipalities and providing new tools for us to meet our long term planning objectives,” said Milton Mayor Gord Krantz. “The proposed changes to the Growth Plan unlock some great opportunities for job creation in Milton.”

“The proposed changes provide us with the tools to implement Milton’s vision in a comprehensive, logical, efficient and responsible manner,” said Barb Koopmans, Commissioner of Planning and Development. “In building a place of possibility, we envision the creation of knowledge-based employment opportunities and cohesive mixed-use communities.”

The report identified seven key opportunities for Milton, including:
• Meritor Site (Steeles Avenue and Martin Street)
• Agerton/Trafalgar Secondary Plans
• Milton Education Village Secondary Plan
• Britannia West Secondary Plan
• Future Employment Areas (Tremaine Road, RR25 south, 407 corridor)
• Future Residential and Mixed-use Areas (Milton’s “Whitebelt”)
• Lands at Bronte Street and Main Street

Visit the Town of Milton’s website for more information on these plans visit the town’s website.