Town of Milton Introduces Traffic Flow Improvement System

Milton Farmer's Market is looking for other options as it postpones until early July to echo municipal closures

Milton introduced the Miovision TrafficLink System to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion in high volume areas in 2017.

Miovision uses intersection cameras and analytics to process everything from traffic volume and speed, to pedestrian movement. This platform allows staff to monitor the operation of traffic control signals on demand and make adjustments instantaneously so that drivers can reach their destinations in less time.

Milton installed Miovision TrafficLink to ease traffic congestion along Thompson Road South, between Main Street East and Derry Road following the successful downtown pilot project

Since the spring 2018 installation, morning peak travel times decreased by 41 seconds (17 per cent), and evening peak travel times decreased by 120 seconds (33 per cent).

“By implementing this innovative technology, we are able to respond to high volumes of traffic and get people moving,” said Milton Mayor Gord Krantz. “Our residents will continue to see improvements as more intersections become equipped with the systems.”

Miovision TrafficLink now operates at 13 intersections within the Town and additional intersections will be added along the Main Street corridor this year.