Council Approves Trafalgar Secondary Plan

Council approves the Trafalgar Secondary Plan

Milton Council adopted the Trafalgar Secondary Plan, the land-use policy framework to guide new development for the area along Trafalgar Road between Derry Road to south of Britannia Road.  Approval came at the March 25th Council meeting.

The Trafalgar Secondary Plan envisions a mixed-use, transit-supportive, higher density community that connects people to jobs, shopping, public transit and community spaces.

“The Trafalgar Secondary Plan is Milton’s next phase of urban expansion,” said Barb Koopmans, Commissioner, Planning and Development. “This plan supports the development of a complete, active and sustainable community that ensures a range of housing and job options in a walkable urban setting.”  The Trafalgar Corridor will bring 19,000 jobs and 32,000 residents to Milton over the next 20 years.

The Trafalgar Secondary Plan and the Agerton Secondary Plan collectively make up the Trafalgar Corridor. These transit-supportive secondary plans increase access to a proposed GO Station along the corridor, making it easier for people to use GO Transit and local transit.

The planned station is to be located somewhere in the area of Derry Rd, and Trafalgar. “This is going to happen, it’s only a matter of time,” Mayor Gord Krantz said.

Ward 2 councillor John Challinor asked planning staff if there was a back-up plan in case the station wasn’t approved by the provincial government.  “We are riding a couple of horses, and one of them might not make it to the station,” he said.  Confirmation came from Town CAO Bill Mann of high level discussions between the Town, and Canada Pacific (CP) over changes to the tracks, which need to be in place for potential expansion to all-day GO Service.

The Trafalgar Secondary Plan will be forwarded to Halton Region for approval. The Agerton Secondary Plan Framework will feed into an ongoing Regional study that will consider the Town’s mixed-use employment vision for the community.  To learn more about the Trafalgar Secondary Plan visit the website.