Milton Community Fund Helps Improve Patient Care at Milton District Hospital

MDH uses money from the Milton Community Fund for a vein finder

Thanks to a $48,527 grant from the Milton Community Fund, Halton Healthcare wasable to purchase medical equipment, including a vein finder and surgical instruments that will contribute toward improved patient care.

Patient intravenous (IV) insertions are a very common procedure during a patient’s hospital care. The vein finder, deemed best practice in IV insertion, allows for the visualization of the location and quality of the vein resulting in increased accuracy when starting a patient’s IV. The vein finder will assist with more timely IV insertions, more timely medication administration and ultimately an improved patient

The fund also supported the purchase of equipment for the fast growing surgical program. “As our surgical program continues to grow post hospital expansion, so does the need to perform
orthopaedic surgeries,” said Dr. Ted Scriven, MDH orthopaedic surgeon. “The grant funding meant that we were able to purchase an extra hip instrumentation set used to treat fractured hips. The availability of an additional set of instruments means that more patients with fractured hips can be treated on a given day,” he said.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you to the Town of Milton for their generous support through the Milton Community Fund,” said Janet Skupsky, Chief Operating Officer, MDH. “We are very grateful for this equipment as we continue to provide exemplary patient experiences at Milton District Hospital.”