Agenda Notes: April 15, 2019

Municipalities objecting to bill 108

By: Laura Steiner

Milton Council meets Monday for its April meeting.  Of note is a public meeting on a tower development at the southwest corner of Bronte, and Main, as well as a motion from Councillor Cluett on Development Charges.

Development Charges: These are the fees charged by the municipality to developers based on how many residential units they want to build.  This constitutes approximately 5-7% of overall revenue as an attempt to finance growth.  The money is usually used to help finance roads, and schools.  The motion deals with changes to the provincial Development Charges Act

Public Meeting: Tower Development at Main and Bronte (TSC store): It’s the latest in a line of developments coming before council with suggested amendments to the zoning bylaws. The towers will be 19, and 21 storeys.  The height restriction for that area is approximately 8 storeys, and a highly controversial, similar development at 175 Main St. was denied.  However, since then the first approval has been given to a development along Thompson Rd with towers at 29,27, and 31 storeys so there now is precedent.  Development is important to keeping downtown Milton vibrant, and bringing new people as well as businesses will help that. Is this the right area for the high towers? And what kind of Milton does Council want to build? Are the views of the escarpment important enough to preserve?

Council meetings are streamed online starting at 7pm.  Or you can follow along for highlights on our twitter: @MiltonReporter