HDSB Trustees hear from Parents on Class Size, Online Course Offerings

HDSB Trustees heard from parents regarding proposed changes to education

By: Laura Steiner

Parents had their voices heard Monday May 13, at the final feedback session held by Halton District School Board (HDSB) Trustees.  The Trustees run the website: Halton Education Action to help inform Halton parents about education reforms proposed by Provincial government.

Concerns centred on the class sizes, and the idea of online courses.  The provincial government proposes to shift from the idea of a cap to averages.  If passed, the proposed reforms would see the class average increase to 28 students.  Trustees say that number would affect course offerings, and student safety for some of the tech courses such as machine shop.  Machine shop requires fewer students for safety reasons.

The Ford government plans to force students to take four online courses.  Some parents questioned whether it would be worth it.  “Its putting the cart before the horse kind of thinking, in thinking that it’s going to save money when in reality it could end up costing a lot more money than a live body to deliver material, rather than being dependent on electronics, and whether the Wi-Fi is working or not.” Shari said.

“This government has demonstrated a willingness to listen,” Trustee Donna Danielli said.  Trustees extended an invitation to area MPP’s to attend a meeting.  A representative from Parm Gill’s office attended the Milton meeting.  HDSB has until May 31, 2019 to submit their feedback on the new policies to the Ministry of Education.  Halton residents have until Friday to fill out an online survey.  For more information on  Halton Education Action, visit their website.