St. John Ambulance Gives Hero Award to Kathy Best

Kathy Best accepts a St. John Ambulance Hero award June 26 2019

By: Laura Steiner

St. John Ambulance presented Kathy Best with a Life- Saving award Wednesday June 26, 2019.   The award is given to a members of the community who save, or attempt to save a life using First Aid knowledge or skills.  Best is a Fitness instructor, and has to take a CPR course every year as part of her training for work.

Kathy Best with Councillor Colin Best

In July, 2018 she used her CPR training to save her husband Colin Best, a Ward 1 Regional Councillor.  Colin was getting ready for work, when he had a heart attack.  Kathy was able to perform CPR on him for ten minutes while they waited for paramedics to arrive. Colin has made a successful recovery.

St. John Ambulance runs CPR and First Aid training at their three Halton Locations.  For more information visit their website.