Province Launches Schools’ Renovation Program

Province announces $13 billion in funding for capital investments in schools

The Province of Ontario has announced a plan to invest more money to improve the province’s schools. The 2019-20  Capital Priorities program represents a$13 billion investment in school buildings throughout the province.    

These projects include major renovations, and expansion to schools as well as new childcare spaces.  Milton Member of  Provincial Parliament (MPP) Parm Gill said the investment represented a commitment to students’ well being.

“We are investing in our students and their futures by building new schools and renovating existing schools,” said MPP Gill. “Building new schools and improving existing ones means students are in a better learning environment.” 

School boards can now apply for funding for capital projects including new school buildings or renovations to be completed by 2023-24. The program will also provide funding for school-based child care spaces as part of the government’s commitment to build up to 10,000 new child care spaces in schools.

“We are taking decisive action to ensure students have safe and modern learning environments that enable their success in the classroom,” add MPP Gill. The investment is  part of the 2019 Ontario Budget.

Gill announced an investment for the expansion at Bishop Reding High School in February.