Milton Transit Launches MagnusCards

Milton Transit is launching a partnership with MagnusMode for MagnusCards, to help those with Autism

Milton Transit is pleased to announce its partnership with Magnusmode, the creator of MagnusCards®, an innovative web and mobile app that uses digital guides (called Card Decks) and game elements to help people with cognitive special needs, including autism, access their communities with greater independence.

Each Card Deck uses pictures and text to provide step-by-step instructions for various social interactions, situations, behaviours, and activities such as using Milton Transit. Magnus, an interactive character who acts as the user’s guide, provides reassurances and reinforces routine for users exploring new environments.

Milton Transit’s free downloadable MagnusCards® Card Decks will teach those with autism and other needs about buying tickets and passes, planning a trip, riding the bus and staying safe on transit.

“The launch of MagnusCards® aligns with our commitment to ensure Milton Transit is accessible and available to everyone in the community,” said Tony D’Alessandro, Manager, Milton Transit. “Our partnership with Magnusmode expands our reach to agencies and their customers, and builds on our vision to promote mobility independence throughout Milton.”

Milton Transit MagnusCards® will be available on the MagnusCards® app, starting today. Visit the App Store, Google Play or to download and explore Milton Transit’s free Card Decks.