Ontario to Introduce Free Wi-Fi on Go Transit for 2020

Metrolinx will be adjusting its schedule in efforts to lessen the spread of COVID-19

The province of Ontario has announced the addition of free Wi-Fi for Go Transit starting next year.  Milton MPP Parm Gill was joined by  Kinga Surma, Associate Minister of Transportation (GTA), and  Metrolinx Executive Mark Childs, Chief Marketing Officer for Metrolinx in making the announcement at Milton GO Station.

Beginning spring 2020, commuters on a GO bus or train will be able to stay connected with their mobile devices with a free, reliable, high-quality, wireless internet connection. “Our government is delivering on its promise to make life easier for people by giving them the opportunity to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues while travelling to work, school or appointments,” Surma said. 

Metrolinx has signed an agreement with Icomera Canada Inc. to connect all 1,475 GO buses and trains to Wi-Fi beginning in 2020. Bringing Wi-Fi to GO trains and buses will make traveling by GO a better, more convenient experience for people in Milton,”  Gill said.

“We know our customers want to stay connected to make the most of their journey time while traveling with us,” said Mark Childs, Metrolinx’s Chief Marketing Officer.   Transit users will begin to see Wi-Fi in the spring of 2020.

Progress Update on Milton Go Station Improvements

The provincial government is planning upgrades for the Milton Go Station.  Included are additional parking spots on the south side of the station, and a brand new station building.  “The upgrades planned for the Milton GO Station are currently going through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process to find the right team to build and finance this project,” Metrolinx spokesman Nitish Bissonauth said in an email. The project was first announced in November, 2017.