Federal Election 2019 Digest: Debates, scandal and videos

Elizabeth May shakes hands with an empty podium Image credit: Macleans

By: Laura Steiner

Well.. it’s started.  A six week campaign ending October 21 when Canadians will have a chance to pick who will govern the country.

SNC Lavalin: The Globe & Mail broke another story on the  Privy Council’s office refusal to help the RCMP look into potential obstruction of justice.  Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau still insists that’s it about Canadian jobs saying “my job as prime minister is to be there to stand up for and defend Canadians’ jobs”.   It’s a line that skirts the edge of the criminal code.   This is a problem for the Liberals, because Trudeau doesn’t want to answer questions about it, and he’ll need to.  It becomes a problem for the voters, because if he wins re-election and is charged with obstruction of justice; we’re pretty much right back into an election anyway.

“Justin Trudeau is running from his record”: Conservative Leader Andrew used that line before the first debate.  The problem for the Liberals is a no-show plays right into that impression.  Images count, and Elizabeth May’s move to shake hands with an empty podium plays as powerfully as Trudeau shaking hands with supporters.

Election Loss by 1,000 videos? Everyday there’s been a new video or social media posting from  Andrew Scheer or one of his candidates of them saying something that’s anti-abortion, homophobic, racist or featuring someone from years ago.  These videos would be condemned as a hit piece if they were produced by a media outlet; instead they go virtually unchallenged.  Scheer has to answer for a lot on his leadership, and policy.  The videos distract from any questions being asked, and that’s bad for all of us.

The Local Campaign:

Launches: All four major parties have launched their campaigns.   Liberal candidate Adam van Koeverden started his in July.  Candidates Farina Hassan (NDP), Eleanor Hayward ( Green Party of Canada), and Lisa Raitt (Conservative Party of Canada) all kicked their off this past week.  Raitt is seeking a fourth term.  The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) is being represented by Percy Dastur.

Does Living Here Matter?? Candidates don’t need to live in the area where they run. Hayward and Raitt both live in Milton.  Adam van Koeverden just moved into the area.  It might not matter to most people, but a close race might turn on it.