Milton Launches school traffic safety campaign

Town of Milton has launched its back-to-school safety campaign

As students settle back into the classroom after the summer break, Milton is launching its school traffic safety campaign to encourage drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to stay safe around school zones, school crossings and at pedestrian crossover (PXO) locations.

“At this time of year, we expect to see more students walking and biking to and from school, said Heide Schlegl, Manager, Traffic Engineering Services. “Whether you are driving, biking or walking, following the basic school zone traffic rules can prevent accidents from happening and keeps our community safe.”

The purpose of this campaign is to ensure the public understands school zone rules such as:
• Posted No Stopping/No Parking signs
• Speed limits
• U-turn prohibitions
• Regulations related to crossing guards and PXO’s

Working closely with Halton Regional Police Service, Milton’s Municipal Law Enforcement Unit will actively enforce the regulations around parking and traffic activity within school zones.

“The high volume of traffic activity at this time of year can lead to serious collisions, especially around schools,” said Paul Rudall, Sergeant, Halton Regional Police Service. The Halton Regional Police Service is partnering with the Town of Milton to ensure that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians obey the rules while taking students to and from school.”

For more information about the school traffic safety campaign, municipal by-laws and the Highway Traffic Act, please visit the website