Platform Breakdown: Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservatives released their platform

By: Laura Steiner

The Conservatives became the last political party to reveal their platform for the 2019 federal election.  They looked at five areas.

Tax Cuts: A Conservative government would eliminate the carbon tax, take the GST off home heating.  Maternity leave benefits would be made tax free under a Conservative government, and they would also increase the RESP and increase the “age credit”.  They would introduce a tax credit for Green Home Renovation

Jobs:  A Conservative Government would restore the small business deduction.  They would create a National Energy corridor, and build infrastructure focusing on projects that would reduce commute times, and lower emissions.  They would support economic immigrants.

Climate Change: A Conservative government proposes to add a “mitigate and adapt lens” in order to improve resilience.  Their  climate change plan focuses on three areas: Green Technology, A cleaner and greener natural environment, and taking the climate change fight global.

More Help at Home: A category that covers everything from crime prevention to healthcare and support for the Arts community.  A Conservative government would make museums free, invest $1.5 billion in healthcare, and make admission to National museums free.


Is it possible to cut Foreign Aid like that? A lot of Canada’s foreign aid is often contributed under multinational organizations such as the U.N. It may not be possible to cut it the way Conservatives are proposing.

SNC Lavalin Judicial Inquiry? The RCMP have put any potential inquiries on hold through the “writ period” (election).  It might be better to let them take the lead especially given the possibility of obstruction of justice.  A reminder: the Prime Minister would have no direct influence over what the legal system does.

Healthcare Funding: Money is usually given to the provinces via transfer payments for healthcare.  How do the Conservatives plan to ensure that money goes to the equipment as they promised?

For a look at the full platform visit this link.  Canadians go to the polls October 21, 2019.