Platform Breakdown: New Democratic Party (NDP)

NDP platform breakdown Image credit: New Democratic Party (Canada)

By: Laura Steiner

The New Democratic Party (NDP) breakdown their platform into seven themed areas.

Making life more affordable for everyday people: This section features seven different commitments including a promise to expand medicare, making post-secondary education affordable, and investing $1 billion in affordable childcare in 2020.  They are even proposing a price cap on cell phone bills.

Building an economy that works better for people: 13 commitments to improving the economy.  It includes what the party terms a new, fairer deal for all workers.  The party promises that if elected they will set a federal minimum wage of $15/ hr, and ban unpaid internships.  Other promises detailed in this category include reenergizing the auto industry, supporting agriculture, and boosting aerospace innovation.

Environment (Protecting our air, land, and water, securing our future): Six pledges including: taking climate leadership where the party outlines details for science-based emissions targets.  They also propose to change the way communities are powered, and invest in electric transit.

Taking Better Care of Each Other (Healthcare): This section details 10 different promises.  Highlights include expanding Healthcare to include universal Pharmacare, pension protection, as well as a pledge to work with veterans to find how best to provide benefits.

Reconciliation: This section details 10 commitments on how to improve relations with Indigenous Peoples.  Highlights include providing safe, quality housing, strengthen public services.

Infrastructure: A new deal to build stronger, more vibrant communities- This section details five different priorities.  Highlights include investments in transit, building bridges, as well as supporting Canadian arts and culture, and welcoming new Canadians.

The Courage to do what’s right”: This section includes promises on advancing gender equity, upholding LGBTQI2S rights.  Highlight: A government that works for you, and not the insiders, where the party pledges to fully ban cash for access events.

Remaining Questions:

About the fiscal side… There’s an approximate $4.6 million difference between total new revenue, and investments for 2020.  Where is that made up?

Cell Phone prices… Why the cap? Why not simply open up the market to other carriers?

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