A healthier kitchen for a healthier you

Believe it or not, your kitchen can play a big role in helping you stick to your new year’s resolutions of getting healthier and eating more fruits and veggies. The way you organize the space and the items you bring into it can make it easier to make smarter food choices every day. Consider these three simple adjustments that can help create a healthier you.

1. Water everywhere. The health benefits of drinking enough water are almost endless. You’ll benefit from more energy, better digestion, improved mood, and a reduction in toxins. But do you know what’s in your tap water? Give your water a makeover by looking for a filtration system advanced enough to catch trace pharmaceuticals. For a built-in option and sleek look, GE offers advanced pharmaceutical filtration in many of their refrigerator models.

2. Grow your own greens. Herbs add fresh flavour to any meal, often reducing the need for salt and butter. But buying large bunches of pre-packaged herbs can be expensive and wasteful if you only need a handful. Instead, dedicate some space in your kitchen to growing your own. Try a single pot of parsley or chives, as both are easy to grow. Take it to the next level with GroVert, which offers beautiful living wall planters; or Urban Cultivator, a fully-automated kitchen garden that takes up about as much room as a small wine fridge.

3. Put fruit on display. Fruits and vegetables are easily forgotten at the bottom of a crisper drawer. Pull out your prettiest platters or a little-used cake stand and make fruits and vegetables part of your kitchen décor. Not only will you brighten up your space on a grey winter day, but they’ll be the first thing you see when you stroll into the kitchen looking for a snack.

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