Milton Officers Focus on Pedestrian Safety

Halton Regional Police Service recognizes that pedestrians are at increased risk of injury or death when they cross roads mid-block. Drivers do not expect to see pedestrians crossing roads at these locations and tend to be less aware and therefore less able to react in emergency situations.


In response to concerns raised by a local school and municipal traffic operations in the Town of Milton, on Tuesday November 1st Officers conducted a 1 day blitz at Thompson Road south of Main Street in the Town of Milton.

As a result of this effort 15 pedestrians were observed crossing mid-block and were charged under the Highway Traffic Act for “failing to use a crosswalk”, an additional 61 people (mostly school students) were cautioned.

Halton Police would like to encourage parents to talk with their children about road safety and stress the importance of using a cross walk if present.

The Town Of Milton and Halton Police want every pedestrian journey to end safely and would like to remind pedestrians that the decisions they make can contribute to their own safety, “Please Cross Safely”