Brampton Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon Meets with Newly-Elected M.P.'s, Outlines City's Priorities

Councillor Dhillon with MP Raj Grewalresized
Councillor Dhillon with M.P. Raj Grewal

Last week, City Councillor Gurpreet Singh Dhillon met with three of the five newly-elected Members of Parliament (M.P.)’s for Brampton, where he outlined the City’s priorities and future infrastructure projects.

 “Meeting the new MPs was a great opportunity to introduce them to the City’s major issues and how we can build a new federal-municipal relationship to work collaboratively and cooperatively moving forward,” said Dhillon.


 He met with MP Sonia Sidhu (Brampton South), MP Ruby Sahota (Brampton North) and MP Raj Grewal (Brampton East). He is scheduled to meet with MP Ramesh Sangha (Brampton Centre) and MP Kamal Khera (Brampton West) next month after Parliament resumes its session.

 “As a Councillor and a member of the Board of Directors on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), I shared my concerns about Brampton’s economic stability and job growth, along with funding for our future infrastructure projects, including correcting the flood plain and water main issues, which are vital in attracting and revitalizing the downtown core.

“I was disappointed my colleagues on City Council rejected a fully-funded LRT, however it is crucial that we begin to take the next steps in building a better Brampton. That’s why it is important to regularly meet and work with our MPs as they take our issues to Parliament.”  Brampton City Council turned down millions in provincial funding for the project that would have revitalized the city’s downtown.