Committee of The Whole Approves Office Space for Downtown

By: Laura Steiner

Milton Council unanimously approved the use of ground floor units along Main St to be used as office space.  The move was made at the September 11, meeting of the Committee of the Whole as they addressed the Downtown Study.

The Business Improvement Area (BIA)’s Eric Chabot presented on the group’s behalf. “The level of community engagement shows the value of what we’re doing,” Chabot said.  Town Staff held public meetings, placed billboards in public areas with markers so people could write their suggestions.

The initial report only allowed office space placed ‘above grade’ or on the second floor of Main St. buildings. “The BIA supports the report only until the earliest opportunity to revisit the uses,” he told council.

Ward 3 Councillor Cindy Lunau proposed an amendment to the Downtown Report to allow office space on ground floor storefronts.  “I think we have to do it.  Companies should never be penalized for wanting to invest in this lovely town of ours,” Councillor Robert Duvall said.

“We want a vibrant downtown.  Empty locations, empty stores don’t create that,” Councillor Rick Malboeuf said. The motion passed unanimously.