Healthy eating on a budget? Here's how

With food prices on the rise, every trip to the grocery store can feel like a battle against your wallet – especially if you’re trying to eat healthy. But you don’t have to break the bank to eat well, with these simple tips from Abbey Sharp, a registered dietitian and popular food blogger.

1. Local, in-season fruits and vegetables. The fluctuating Canadian dollar has less of an impact on the price of foods that are coming from your own province. In-season ingredients that haven’t been transported long distances will help you cut costs and maximize nutrients. Plus, you can clean and chop fruits and vegetables to freeze them and have on-hand year-long.


2. Choose canned fish. Fish is loaded with high-quality protein, heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients like vitamin D. Yet the average Canadian gets less than half of Health Canada’s recommended intake of two 75-gram servings weekly. To get more fish on a budget, try canned options – it’s nutritionally comparable to fresh and frozen fish at a much lower cost. For an easy fish meal at home or on-the-go, Sharp suggests new Clover Leaf Toppers, tuna in a delicious sauce like Mediterranean or Mild Curry, that can be enjoyed warm or cold. After just 35 seconds in the microwave on medium, pour Toppers over quinoa, steamed vegetables, rice or pasta for a full serving of fish.

3. Be prepared. Never shop when you’re hungry. Making a weekly meal plan will help you stick to both your nutritional goals and your financial ones.

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