How’s Your Community Mailbox Milton?

By: Laura Steiner

I’ve been busy with Christmas preparations, and haven’t had time to check my mail.  This morning, after I put out the trash I walked across to my mailbox and it looked like this:


The pile of snow left in front of the mailbox has turned to ice because many temperature changes.  I live in an older part of town, on a street where there a few older people. Something like this is a safety hazard for everyone;  I nearly slipped.  We’ve had mail delivery the last three days running, and it still hasn’t been shovelled.  A lot of my neighbours wanted our boxes placed in a park located along Sam Sherratt Trail.  The entrance is almost opposite to this site as seen in a video on our Facebook Page.  It looks like this in winter.  When it rains, or the snow melts, it’s almost like a pool to step over.

How are conditions at your Community Mailbox Milton?