Improved Public Notices Aim to Increase Public Engagement

The Town of Milton is piloting a new design for public notice signage as part of the Town’s public engagement strategy. The new boards have been designed to increase understanding, provide transparency in applications, and encourage more community engagement in the planning process. Milton’s updated design is icon-driven in an effort to simplify and standardize information about proposed developments. The boards will also include clear renderings of the proposed development for visual clarity.

“Improving community engagement is one of the Town’s strategic priorities,” said Milton Mayor Gord Krantz, “Members of Council often hear from residents as they navigate the planning process, so anything we can do to make this easier for the public to understand is a welcome improvement.”

Signs will be placed at proposed development sites across Milton throughout November. The first pilot board will be installed at a proposed development located at the south east corner of Derry Road and Regional Road 25. In addition to this new public notice signage, newspaper advertisements and direct mail notifications for planning-related applications have also been updated in a similar style.

“We recognize that residents need easily accessible and clear information in order to participate in shaping the community,” said Barb Koopmans, Commissioner of Planning and Development. We are proud that Milton’s focus on enhanced communication and public engagement is coming to life through our planning activities.”

Town staff will be looking for community feedback on the design of these new development signs. Feedback and suggestions can be sent directly to Jenna Patterson at