Milton Reacts to Alaa Al-Muhandis’ death

By: Laura Steiner

Milton has had a chance to react on social media to the death of Alaa Al-Muhandis.  The 29-year old mother of two was killed in a terrorist attack in an Istanbul night club celebrating the New year.  Milton Mayor Gord Krantz released a statement extending the town’s condolences.  “Our community stands united against acts of terror, and we support the efforts of global allies, and partners to end violence and terror around the world,” it read.

Milton MP Lisa Raitt tweeted a condolence message.  “My sincere condolences to Alaa Al Muhandis’s family.  We never think that something like this can happen to us in Milton,”

When the story first broke it was shared on a local Facebook message board.  Users remembered her  as one of Milton’s own. “Don’t know where she was born, but she went there (Istanbul) as a Miltonian,” one commenter said.  Others are wondering about offering assistance to the family.

A funeral service in her memory has been scheduled for Shahrayar Centre on Sunday January 8, 2017 from 12pm-4pm in Mississauga Ontario.   Alaa Al-Muhandis is survived by her husband Ahmed, and two children.

Alaa Al-Muhandis was among 15 foreign nationals killed. Media reports name the gunman as 28-year old Lakhe Mashrapov of Krygyzstan.