Milton Transit changes begin April 4

Milton Transit will be introducing a few schedule and service changes starting on Monday, April 4, 2016:

Schedule changes for 2 Main, 3 Trudeau, 4 Thompson/Clark, 5 Yates, 6 Scott, 7 Harrison, 8 Willmott: To minimize customer wait times, all 8:40 am trips leaving the Milton GO Station will now depart 15 minutes earlier at 8:25 am; schedules for these trips have been adjusted accordingly.

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GO Connect Pilot Service ends April 1: The GO Connect Pilot Program with Metrolinx and RideCo is nearing completion; the service will be discontinued at the end of the day on Friday, April 1.

Evening GO Drop-off Service being re-introduced: We will be re-instating Evening GO drop-off service, starting April 4, 2016. This service will help you connect from afternoon GO trains that aren’t currently met by Milton Transit to a zone bus that will take you to your destination. The fare for this service is $0.70 per trip.

Glen Eden Slopes Express Service ends March 12: With Glen Eden closing for the season, this service ends at 6 pm. It’s time to put away the skis and snowboards until next year!