MPP Harinder Malhi hosts Community Mental Health Forum with Industry Experts

On Tuesday October 18, MPP Harinder Malhi hosted a community forum on mental health. Partnering with community mental health stakeholders at Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School, many community members attended to hear each of the speakers provide information on their experience with mental health in the community.

Pharmacist and Owner of Shoppers Drug Mart Great Lakes, Sunitha Kondoor began her presentation on the issues that affect women and mental health. She harindermalhifeatureimageformatoutlined the facts along with the stigmas surrounding mental health. Tammy Whelen from the Canadian Health Association Peel continued the conversation on the assistance available throughout the community and the education available from various organizations. Third panelist, Dr. David Koczerginski, Chief of Psychiatry at William Osler Health System and President of Association of General Hospital Psychiatric Services spoke to the attendees about the importance of education and awareness tackling stigmas surrounding mental health. He shared his experiences at the hospital including the many organizations that are available for help including the police services.

“The forum on mental health was an important one for me to host in our community as I had seen many cases first hand during my ride-along with Peel Regional Police, recently. I had immediately noticed that it was a growing problem and noticed that many in the community face the issues that revolve around mental health. The first step is the importance of mindfulness and awareness of the issues behind mental health. The stigmas around mental health can only be avoided through education,” said Harinder Malhi, MPP Brampton-Springdale.