Ontario Expanding Beer & Cider Sales to 80 Additional Grocery Stores

Ontario is moving forward on its commitment to improve convenience and choice for people across the province by expanding sale of beer and cider to 80 more grocery stores.

Currently 130 grocery stores across Ontario are authorized to sell beer and cider, of which 70 stores can also sell wine. Starting today, grocers can bid for 80 additional authorizations to sell beer and cider.

This would bring the total to up to 210 grocery stores that would be authorized to sell beer and cider. Authorized grocery store locations will be announced in May, with sales expected to start this summer. “This is another step in getting beer and cider into 80 new grocery stores and helping increase convenience and choice for shoppers across the province,” Finance Minister Charles Sousa said.

Ontario maintains a strong commitment to social responsibility. By law, grocers selling beer or wine must have designated sales areas and operate within standard hours of sale, abide by limitations on package size and alcohol content, and follow staffing and social responsibility training requirements.

Beer and Cider will be available in 450 grocery stores.  300 of these will sell wine as well.  Grocers will need to submit their bids to the LCBO online through Biddingo