Ontario Improving Living Conditions for those with Developmental Disabilities

Ontario is investing in repairs, renovations and improved spaces for more people at residential properties that serve adults with developmental disabilities across the province.

The Honourable Dr. Helena Jaczek, Minister of Community and Social Services was at Community Living North Halton today to announce the agency will be receiving funding through the Multi-Year Residential Planning strategy. “Today’s announcement is not only about improving residential settings that serve some of the province’s most vulnerable population but also about creative ways to increase capacity to provide these services,” Minister of Community and Social Services Minister Dr. Helena Jaczek said.

This funding will help Community Living North Halton house three new people, in addition to making important infrastructure upgrades to maximize the quality of life for residents.”Investments like these are critical in helping agencies like Community Living North Halton build capacity which in turn will help us in addressing the waitlists,” Greg Edmiston, Executive Director of Community Living North Halton said.

Upgrades include repairing and painting the building’s exterior, upgrading its heating and cooling system, renovating bathrooms and replacing windows.  “In Halton this means much-needed repairs and renovations to the Community Living North Halton residents,” Halton MPP Indira Naidoo-Harris said.

Community Living North Halton has been operating since 1955.  It started as The Sunshine School in Hornby.  To learn more visit their website