Prime Minister Recommends Seven new Senators' for appointment

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced that he will recommend the appointment of seven new Senators to the Governor General. The new, independent Senators will fill two vacancies in Manitoba, three in Ontario, and two in Quebec.

The following are the individuals who will be recommended for appointment to the Senate:

Frances Lankin
  • Raymonde Gagné (Manitoba)
  • Justice Murray Sinclair (Manitoba)
  • V. Peter Harder (Ontario)
  • Frances Lankin (Ontario)
  • Ratna Omidvar (Ontario)
  • Chantal Petitclerc (Quebec)
  • André Pratte (Quebec)

Over the last three months, the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments undertook broad consultations in Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec – and provided the Prime Minister with a number of non-binding recommendations. From that pool of candidates, the Prime Minister selected the seven new Senators he will recommend to the Governor General.  “The Government is today taking further concrete steps to follow through on its commitment to reform the Senate, restore public trust and bring an end to partisanship in the appointments process,” Trudeau said.

The Prime Minister also announced today that he intends to appoint V. Peter Harder as Government Representative in the Senate. Mr. Harder will act as the Government’s Representative in the Senate in order to facilitate the introduction and consideration of Government legislation, and would be sworn in as a Privy Councillor.

Senate Reform was part of the Liberals’ 2015 election platform.