R.K. Grant Family Foundation Partnering with BullyingCanada

BullyingCanada is pleased to announce a multi-year national partnership with The R K Grant Family Foundation of Victoria, British Columbia (B.C.)

Established in 2010, The R K Grant Family Foundation is dedicated to funding Canadian registered charities that provide services focused on the health, welfare and education of children as well as support for their families. The foundation also supports charities that provide services for the elderly that undertake research related to Alzhiemer’s disease and dementia, hospice and palliative care services and quality of dying issues.

The R K Grant Family Foundation, is BullyingCanada’s largest single donor in 2015, and their donation and long term commitment will assist BullyingCanada in providing more workshops and services not only in British Columbia, but across Canada.

BullyingCanada Co-Director Rob Frenette
BullyingCanada Co-Director Rob Frenette

“This donation could not of come at a better time for BullyingCanada.  This donation is helping BullyingCanada be there for every child in British Columbia who needs help dealing with a bullying situation, at any time of day, in any situation.” Said Rob Frenette, Co-Executive Director of BullyingCanada.

“Our focus and mandate is really to help those people in our society that are unable to help themselves: children and the elderly”, said Russ Grant, President of The R K Grant Family Foundation. “BullyingCanada provides a much needed service across Canada and we are very pleased to be able to partner with them and support theirprograms as well as their direct and immediate support for the victims of bullying.”

BullyingCanada’s calls for service has increased dramatically in 2014.

We hear from youth in every community across Canada.

  • 812,840 calls in 2014
  • 86,400 emails & Live Chat in 2014
  • 1,262,800 Page views in 2014
  • 205,147 Follow-up reports made to families that BullyingCanada assisted in 2014.
  • In 2014 BullyingCanada assisted over 7, 000 families across British Columbia.

In 2014, 98% of our funding went to our charitable programingand only 2% was used for administrative purposes.  This ratio is well below the mandated rules set out by the Canada Revenue Agency and the efficiency of our operation only benefits the children we are trying to help.

BullyingCanada  provides a 24/7 support line for youth, a national scholarship program, as well as school / workplace presentations across Canada.    “We thank The R K Grant Family Foundation tremendously for this donation.  It is allowing us to ensure we can provide dedicated one on one support whenever we are needed, wherever we are needed” added Katie Neu, Co-Executive Director of BullyingCanada.