Milton needs more knowledge-based jobs and employment-intensive development: Study

The Town of Milton has recently completed a study showing that Milton will need more available employment land, and that many of the types of businesses and industries locating here result in few new knowledge-based jobs.

Key recommendations from the study:

  • Future planning must allow for both traditional sectors such as logistics and manufacturing, as well as knowledge-based employment uses and development that has a higher density of employees per square foot such as office;
  • Employment lands need to be well-connected and served by transit;
  • Employment lands need to meet the needs of smaller, evolving businesses;
  • Special policy areas should be created that promote knowledge-based industrial areas and innovation districts.


“While the logistics sector generates jobs and much-needed tax revenue that funds Town programs and services, future planning needs to encourage knowledge-based employment uses that generate jobs to meet the needs of our highly skilled population,” said Barb Koopmans, Commissioner, Planning and Development. “There is great potential to plan for more complete employment communities along the Trafalgar & Derry Road corridors and in the Milton Education Village, allowing for mixed uses that will benefit industries, residents and employees.”

The study assesses current and future employment land needs in Milton and assists in developing a comprehensive strategy to guide long-term employment growth. The study provides background information to be considered during the Town of Milton’s next Official Plan Review, with recommendations from the study incorporated as policies.

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