Tips for running in the winter

January 19, 2019 N C 0

Lots of us are guilty of it – the sun is shining, we’re outside running and then as soon as the temperature drops, we give up. But you […]


Improve your indoor air quality

January 2, 2019 N C 0

Did you know that poor home air quality can lead to a variety of health-related issues, like allergies, headaches, chronic fatigue and insomnia? When spending […]


Filling up on food knowledge

December 18, 2018 N C 0

A recent study suggests that Canadian parents think their kids would benefit from improved food and nutrition knowledge. Conducted on behalf of PC Children’s Charity, […]


Tips to avoid running injuries

November 20, 2018 N C 0

With today’s busy lifestyles, running is an affordable, convenient way to stay healthy. As more us make it part of our routine, health professionals are […]

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