The Milton Vacuum

By: Laura Steiner

I got to question Progressive Conservative (PC) Leader Patrick Brown recently at a Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. I asked him about the lack of candidate here in Milton.  He explained to me that his party had nominated more candidates than the other two, at 50%, and it’s up to the riding association to call a meeting. There was a nomination meeting scheduled last November.  It was cancelled, and hasn’t been rescheduled yet.

Milton is a brand new riding, created by cutting the northern sections of Burlington, and Oakville off from the Halton riding.  The Liberals haven’t nominated anyone; it’s presumed the current Halton MPP, Indira Naidoo-Harris will be running for the party here.  The sitting MPP runs from a position of strength.  The Liberals have done some good things for the area.  They approved the Milton Hospital expansion, and will likely approve a university.  They continue to work on the school situation- an expanded Martin St. will open this year.  Other expansions are being planned as well at Craig Keilburger Secondary School (CKSS) and Holy Rosary.

There is a constant effort on the Liberals’ behalf to remind Milton what they have done.  An announcement about more resources for those with developmental disabilities done at Community Living North Halton (CLNH).  A steady stream of radio ads telling us about the declining hydro prices.  Speeches peppered with references to how the Liberals approved the hospital expansion.  All this about the good things that the Liberals have done in the riding.  But nothing about all the money-wasting scandals, or the ongoing fight over transit, or the arguments about the pace of the community’s growth.

That’s where the Progressive Conservatives (PC’s) come in.  It’s their job to remind us of all the failures in the riding, and tell us what they’d do differently.  Accept in Milton, they can’t because they  have no official candidate.  That creates a vacuum.  The Liberals tell us all their successes, and that’s all people know.   It does a disservice to voters, because it doesn’t project the idea of what else is out there.

Brown believes there would be a nomination here soon.  He even joked about coming to help the candidate canvass. If he’s wrong, the riding will be lost.