Town Of Milton Finds Savings in “Pure Storage”

The Town of Milton is the fastest-growing municipality in Canada with a population projected to reach 230, 000 by the year 2031.  That’s a lot of information for the Town’s computers to store.  The Information Technology (IT) department is changing over from a legacy storage system to Flash-based storage.  The system is offered by Pure Storage out of California’s Silicon Valley.

The Town is expected to save up to $4.7 million over the next 8 years.  IT Director Frank Adili told Mandy Kovacks of Computer Dealer news about how it’s expected to improve Town systems.  “Pure Storage offered us a game-changer; their flash-based solid state drive meet all of our needs, and understands the complexities of operating within a municipality.”  The Town of Milton has chosen  the company’s Flash Array//m system.

The latest edition includes 1.5 petabytes storage, and a 99.99% reliability rate.  The Town started to look into it as flash methods began declining in price.”The traditional storage models have been in place for so long that when flash-based, solid state models started getting more inexpensive a few years ago and really became a viable option for budget-oriented local governments, that was very disruptive,” Adili said.  

One of the deciding factors was the 3-year  maintainence program.  “Every three years, Pure replaces the controllers with more current, up-to-date technology without any downtime, which is a huge win for a municipality of our size,” Adili explained.  There was always  significant downtime  while repairing older units, he added.