Trudeau announces significant new investments in climate resilience

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the Government of Canada’s commitment to invest in two initiatives that will give Canadian cities and towns the tools they need in order to reduce emissions and adapt to a changing climate.

Innovation and adaptation are vital to create clean jobs, grow our economy, and protect our environment. The GLOBE 2016 conference demon.strates the important role that businesses, governments, and investors will play in Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy that provides good jobs and great opportunities for Canadians.

To get there, Canada must make smart, strategic investments in clean growth and new infrastructure. Retooling our economy for this era of change will require new thinking and innovation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Globe 2016
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Globe 2016

As an important first step, the Prime Minister announced $75 million in new funding to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) to help local governments reduce emissions and build climate resiliency at the municipal-level.  “Working with the provinces & territories, municipalities, and indigenous groups, we will create a cleaner, more prosperous future for Canada,” Prime Minister The Government of Canada will also invest $50 million to improve climate resilience in building and infrastructures codes across Canada.

Taken together, these measures will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance the life cycle of public and private infrastructure projects—including buildings, bridges, roads, and water and wastewater utilities—and ensure the long-term sustainability of Canadian communities.

Going forward, new growth will be clean growth. The future is happening now, and Canada needs to be a part of it.