Trudeau Marks Persian New Year

Today marks the Persian New Year.  Nowruz translated means: “New day.”  It’s celebrated across by Persians around the world, and this year falls on the first full day of spring here in Canada.

happynowruzPrime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement extending his greetings to the Iranian-Canadian community recognizing it as a day of renewal.  “Marking the beginning of spring, it is an occasion for friends and family to come together over the haft seen table, exchange gifts, and enjoy traditional delicacies,” he said.  The holiday is marked by Persian, Central Asian, Kurdish, and Ismaili communities.

Norwuz was formally recognized by the United Nations (U.N.) in 2010.  It’s usually marked by deep cleaning the house in preparation for the holiday.  It lasts for 13 days.