Brampton East MP Raj Grewal hit the streets with Peel Regional Police


Raj Grewal traded in his suit and tie for a Kevlar vest Monday.

The Brampton East MP partnered up with Peel Regional Police Sgt. and hit the streets for a firsthand look at frontline patrol.

This was a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand what the job of our hard working police officers do on a regular basis.

MP Grewal was invited by Police Chief Evans of the Peel Regional Police to accompany a staff sergeant on the ride along. Ridealong

From 6pm to 6am, MP Grewal accompanied the night shift patrol officers around the city of Brampton with a particular focus on Brampton East.

Over the course of the 12 hour ride along, MP Grewal was exposed to a number of routine police procedures, including attending the shift parade, vehicle inspection and attending various calls.

In the quieter times during the shift, he had the opportunity to chat with the officers on issues such as domestic violence, gun control, breaking and entering, and impaired driving.

About the ride along, MP Grewal said, “It was a great experience to learn how an officer spends their shift. I want to thank all the men and women who are working hard to keep our community safe. It’s not an easy job but we appreciate their commitment to protecting Canadians.”