Deceased person located outside of Burlington High School

The Halton Regional Police Service is investigating the discovery of a deceased person found on the property of Nelson High School located at 4181 New Street, Burlington, Ontario.

On Saturday January 7, 2017, at 9:25 am, a citizen was at the exterior area of the school and observed the body of a male person at the side of the school.  Emergency services were notified and responded to the school property.  It was determined that the male person was deceased at that time.

There was blood around the head area of the body.   The cause of this head injury is unknown and the reason why this person was on the school property is also unknown at this time.  It appears the male person may have been on the roof of the school at some point in time, and the body was found on the ground in close proximity to the exterior of the building.

At this time the police investigators do not have any suspicions of a criminal act being involved in this incident.  After reviewing security video from the school the male person was observed walking alone around the school shortly after 3:00 am.  He climbed up onto the roof of the school and a short time later was observed falling off the roof.  It is unknown why he climbed up onto the roof of the school at that time.

The coroner continues to investigate the exact of death.  The name of the 19 year old deceased person is being withheld at the request of the family.