Illegal Dumping in Dempsey Park

By: Laura Steiner

This picture was brought to our attention by one of Milton Reporter’s Twitter followers @ruckmaker.

"Does this Make You Proud"
“Does this Make You Proud”

Illegal dumping like this is a problem at parks throughout town, and along the sides of the road through the newer and developing areas. It looks hideous, and creates an unhealthy atmosphere.

There are anti-litter by-laws.  The Town enforces two of them.  The first is #50-91, described as being for the offense of dumping on “privately owned land, or land owned by the municipality.”  The second is 115-2005 referring to dumping along the highway, or ‘road allowances.  Both offenses carry fines. Members of the public can fill out a complaint form online here.

Councillor Mike Cluett responded to the tweet saying crews should be cleaning it up today. The Region of Halton is maintaining a regular garbage collection schedule despite holiday Monday.